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Global Meat

Global-Fleisch on Hamburgs central meat market

Our company is certified according to the QS-System and affiliated to the beef classification system. This allows traceability of the commodity back to the pasture.

The correct application of the QS-system
as well as of the classification system is regularly checked by independent inspectors and our in-house home economist.

In daily business
our employees perform their work assignments according to the high standards of our HACCP-system to ensure a constant quality of our products. This already sets in at the purchase. The selection of our suppliers follows strict criteria which are fixed in written form whereby possible quality defects can be determined quick and reliably and can be avoided. To this belong not only clean cutting and evident meat quality, also microbiological requirements must be met. Regular examinations by an independent laboratory therefore are a vital component of this system.


Throughout the daily production flow
all critical parameters fixed in our HACCP-system are controlled and documented. If one item within this system can not be fulfilled immediate correction is initiated.

A vital component of our quality system
is the regular training of our employees whereat product quality is as much of a focal point as hygiene is.

Regular examinations
by the veterinary inspection office of Hamburg complete our own controls on the principle of "control the control". Our aspiration is constant quality for satisfied costumers.

Our aspiration is
constant quality for
satisfied costumers.

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