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On seemingly endless grazing lands in South America
unique quality beefs mature. Special breeds like Black Angus, Charolais or Hereford cattle share one thing: ideal conditions for natural and species-appropriate breeding which is peerless all over the world and whereby best quality meat that actually deserve the test-seal "organic and residue-free" can be produced. Steak and meat connoisseurs consider this meat with its authentic, unique flavor incontestably the best worldwide.

Subsequent to a resting phase selected oxes
are slaughtered in a gentle manner, stored in large refrigerated warehouses and then carved to piece parts and vacuum-packed according to our standards by specifically trained workers. This method grants quality and storability. Bound in boards the commodity then arrives at the harbor of Buenos Aires where it is loaded on to reefer ships. These special ships transport their precious cargo at a temperature of precisely zero degrees Celsius to Europe within 20 days. This essential transport time finally completes the perfect maturation of the meat.

After its arrival in Hamburg
the commodity is straight away examined according to veterinary regulations, cleared and then stored in our own high rack refrigerated warehouse at constantly zero degrees Celsius to ensure the mandatory cold chain before they get taken to the costumer in cooled transport vehicles. So-called premium cuts and joints like roast beef, fillet, rump and sirloin steaks but also pieces of meat from ox legs for roasting and braising like top sides, Silverside plates and thick flanks are part of our permanent import range.

Beyond this we have also
been importing large amounts of best quality frozen beef from South American countries for many years.

Most of our costumers
like steak houses, gastronomy and big chain store companies consider product range without those distinguished meat cuts and joints unimaginable these days.