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Since 2009 the whole object is ready for occupancy

In the year 1990
we put up our own building including carving plant, high rack warehouse, several cold stores and an office-story on the central meat market in Hamburg.

Within the past years
stable growth, enhancement of the product range and several other factors led to the capacities of the company not nearly being sufficient any longer. Thus in the year 2007 an annex building was raised at the backside of the existent company. In July 2008 the new premises were ready for occupancy. Once the "old" company was connected to the new building the commissioning of the entire object could be completed by the end of the year 2008:

Fully automated discharge of carcasshalves with coupled initial weight

State-of-the-art technology
at the highest stage grants product safety as well as a result above average in carving and treatment of our quality meat:

Fully automated discharge
of carcass-halves with coupled initial weight and registry of each single half employing a checkweigher conveyor, meat cutting belts particularly designed to match our requirements and allow to flexible adjustment of the product flow to our standards.

Ergonomically designed workplaces
at the meat cutting belt which can be adjusted to the needs of the individual employee.

Automatic self-cleaning
of the meat cutting belt-installation with nozzle- and low pressure technology.

Latest deep drawing vacuum machines
with externally located central pump station for the high demands of our costumers.